PACS & RIS Teams

Medical Image Sharing Solutions for Hospital & Imaging Center PACS & RIS Teams

Intelemage’s secure, compliant, low-cost and easy to use technology solution facilitates the exchange of mission-critical medical images for remote access through an easy-to-use web-based portal. InteleGRID simplifies the retrieval of medical images and improves collaboration.

It’s time for a better image management system. Create a secure and compliant medical image file system, while gaining control over every step in your medical image acquisition and review process.

  • Submit images any time through a web-based upload tool or automated directly from PACS functionality.
  • Easy access, search and retrieval of archived images and associated data.
  • Index images in an organized fashion to simplify future retrieval.
  • Easily share images and collaborate with other authorized users.
  • Acquire, view index and store all medical imaging data compliantly on a secure and private portal.