Clinical Trials Executives

Clinical Trial Image Management Solutions for Clinical Trials Research Executives

The InteleGRID clinical trial platform supports in-house managed research activity for any organization. In addition, the InteleGRID allows you to pick and choose the core-labs that you work with, while giving you full visibility into each stage in the process. In addition, the inteleGRID provides the tools to create an Image Library. This module allows you to create a corporate asset by storing and indexing medical images in a single location for future use.

Intelemage’s secure, compliant, low-cost and easy-to-use technology solution expedites the exchange of mission-critical medical images for off-premise medical image sharing through a web-based portal.

Gain control over every step in your medical image acquisition and review process.

  • Save time and money acquiring medical images and related data for research activity.
  • Work with the core-labs that best fit your needs and budget
  • Centralized medical image storing and indexing builds a long-term image library and simplifies future retrieval.
  • Electronically organize and manage end-to-end assessment and review processes.
  • Submit images any time through a web-based upload tool or automated directly from PACS functionality.
  • Acquire, index and store all medical imaging data securely and compliantly.
  • Feature set includes PHI de-identification, visit calendars, standard reporting, queries, and more.