Medical Image Sharing Solutions for Medical Device Company Sales & Marketing Executives

InteleGRID globally connects your medical device company to other institutions using secure, compliant, low-cost and easy-to-use technology solutions that expedite the exchange of mission-critical medical images.

InteleGRID will also increase your market share, strengthen physician loyalty, and provide increased visibility into sales activity. The InteleGRID solution streamlines your medical image acquisition and review process, and lowers your medical image costs by eliminating the shipping and handling charges of mailing CDs.

Get On The GRID.

Build market share by developing stronger relationships with physicians and other specialists.

  • Support physician customers with timely access to expert consultants.
  • Simplify and expedite the patient qualification process through enhanced collaboration.
  • Shorten the sales-cycle through a streamlined medical image acquisition and review process.
  • Provide high-quality, easily accessible physician training.
  • Improve field staff training and knowledge base.
  • Strengthen consistency of product presentation across physician customer base.

Increase visibility into sales activity:

  • Web-based views of in-process and completed image reviews, and assessments by total company volume, country, region, or individual user.
  • Web-based views into physician activity.
  • Standard reporting tools available for additional analysis.