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Setting the standard for medical image collaboration solutions

  • Instant Startup Processes
  • Industry Leading Footprint
  • No Capital Expenditures Required
  • Configurable Workflows, Reports, and Forms
  • HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and Safe Harbor Compliant
  • Secure & Private Cloud

Clinical Trial Solutions

InteleGRID® Clinical Trial solutions provide the most configurable, secure, compliant, and structured solution for medical image dependent clinical trials.

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Commercial Life Sciences

The InteleGRID® provides mobile and desktop solutions for pre-surgical planning, image reviews, physician collaboration, secure photo sharing, and more.

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Hospital Solutions

The InteleGRID® is the most comprehensive and proven solution for medical image sharing for radiology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, and much more.

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The industries only realistic approach to medical image collaboration.

Organizations do not always know how they will use a new product until they start using it. Whether a hospital, life science company, core lab, or physician, you will learn a lot in the first few weeks, as well as on an on-going basis, therefore need a solution that adapts to your needs, at your pace.

Additionally, those same organizations do not always know how much they will use a new product until they start using it. You may have a good idea which manual processes you want to auotomate, how many medical image CDs you are currently handling, and more… but how much of that volume can you replace with an electronic solution, and how soon? If you don’t know the answer, how can you commit to a high dollar fixed price system?

Meet the InteleGRID®. Configurable by you, on your own terms, at your own pace. No capital investment required.

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